The Whisky Store is a whisky specialist's botique aimed at providing you with the complete whisky experience.

Our services include a comprehensive whisky and spirits retail store, the full-service Quaich Bar, as well as a team to cater to all your wholesale needs.

Retail Store Quaich Bar Wholesale

Whisky Retail Store

The Whisky Store’s retail area offers one of the finest collections of whiskies in Singapore at very attractive take home prices. Here, our specialists’ extensive knowledge of the nuances and subtleties of our whiskies and other spirits will be useful in helping you select the most suitable bottle of whisky for purchase as a gift or simply for enjoyment in the comfort and pleasure of your own home.

Quaich Bar

Quaich Bar Before you do that, you may also wish to avail yourself of the tasting facilities at the Quaich Bar, our full-service bar area. Here, you will find yourself in a friendly environment in which to relax and appreciate your favourite dram. You may also wish to enjoy the luxuries of our fully-equipped cigar room along with that dram.

Whisky Wholesale

Our wholesale arm was set up in order to support members of the food, beverage and service-related fraternity in their effort to promote whisky appreciation in and around Singapore.

Whisky-related activities

Whisky-related Activities Finally, we also organise various whisky-related activities regularly, such as specialist-led tasting sessions as a way to introduce you to some of the most exquisite tastes available.

We hope that by providing this range of services, you and your friends can fully immerse in the spirit of enjoying some of the finest experiences that the whisky tradition has to offer.

So join us, for

The Best of Spirits